Porsche 917 Gulf


The keg had been flowing for hours
when I spotted you on the foyer,
your sienna eyes locked onto my hazels,

O boy, it was an instantaneous attraction
as well as a reaction, everything around us
seemed to disappear, nothing mattered,
not even the small talk we tried to engage in.

We said something about fresh air
& floated into the great outdoors.
You were’nt even my date, but
we acted as if we had been
friends & lovers forever.

Autopilot was engaged on the beetle
as we drove off into the cool night,
oblivious to all surroundings but us.
Golden earring was pounding out the vibe
that was quickly developing within us,
rust never sleeps was next & we both
fervently confessed there would be no fight,
no fuss, no muss, as we both wanted to sex up each other, smother ourselves in a warm embrace, spread some love & grace.

The parking spot under the street lamp
was the perfection spot, an awesome location
for some lovely-lovemaking. You were sizzling hot, I mean smoking, got my motor burning,
scorched my heart with the proverbial desire.

Your pretty face spoke volumes as I traveled
along your sweet-contours with my kisses & delicately searching fingers. To my surprise,
you wore no panties which increased my posture & within what seemed like hours, we made our juicy-connection in several various states of intertwining bodies.

The German designers are brilliant,
as the capsule-sized VW is the most intimate
space on the planet.  It is just the right amount of room to lock onto eyes, spread beautiful thighs and taste delicious cherry pie.  We were streaming into each other as it dawned on me all at once why so many people own bugs, it’s a tight place to make a special deposit & they’re cheaper than a Porsche.

Jonny Angel


De befaamde Porsche 917 in Gulf kleuren Le Mans editie 1969


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